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This is the content for all board game creators. Every now and then I’ll write an article on interesting design stuff or updates to my own personal board game design diary for “Movie Empire”.

Board game design Book recommendations

You have to start somewhere. That was also the case with my first game “Movie Empire”. So I was looking for interesting board game design books. Besides being an avid player, it helps tremendously to amass a lot of theoretical knowledge. On this list there are a lot of books (or unpublished works from websites) that helped me in the process of designing. As always: such a list is always a subjective view. But if you only get one or two ideas out of one book, it was worthwhile. Read more about this…

Board game design O mechanic, where art thou?

The board game design diary of “Movie Empire” (Part 2).
So a lot of ideas were written on tiny papers. Tiny papers were torn. More ideas were written on more papers. The papers were getting bigger. Read more about this…

Board game design Ladies and gentlemen: “Movie Empire”

The board game design diary of “Movie Empire” (Part 1).
So, there you have it. That’s the (working) title of my first board game. Why a board game about movie-making and not slaying dragons? Take a seat, grab some popcorn and I will tell you why. Read more about this…