“It’s alive!”

Those were the words of Victor Frankenstein when he created a monster. Stimulus Games is alive now too. But far from becoming a monster, Stimulus shall spread joy amongst gamers with captivating board games.

I am an avid gamer myself. As a child I wanted to play the most complex games I could imagine, and failed miserably at it. But there was a huge fascination for games with all these assets. Meeples, cards, tokens, a board. And all held together by some pages with written text on it. These rules helped creating a world and made me experience for the first time what “immersion” meant.

There was a long pause in my gaming carreer due to the unavoidable things in live: Growing up and earning money. But as some years went by I realized I didn’t really grow up. The inner child wanted to play games again and so I relented. Since then I tried to explore various themes and mechanics, soaking up as much as I can.

So why another board game company on the market? Well, I’ve got the feeling that some themes are overly used and others are misrepresented. My goal is not to design the 101st dungeon crawler. At least not without a twist on theme or mechanic.¬†For me, the perfect board game is a blend of easy to learn (but hard to master) mechanics and a captivating theme. That’s what I want to achieve with Stimulus Games. And I would like to take you with me on this thrilling journey. Hop on board!

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