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Photo Karsten Schulmann
Karsten Schulmann Game Designer // Twitter

Stimulus Games is no big company with dozens of employees. No, Stimulus is just me, Karsten.

I am an avid gamer since childhood and played everything from video to roleplaying and board games over the last three decades. I love the immersion that games can achieve.

For me, the perfect board game is a blend of easy to learn (but hard to master) mechanics and a captivating theme. That's what I want to achieve with Stimulus Games.

Apart from that I am helping other designers with video, graphic design and translations from English to German (for example Vanguard of War or Off the Rails).

If you have any further questions, you can mail me at

Photo Allan Ohr
Allan Ohr Illustrator // Behance

My go-to illustrator on this journey is the equally talented and lovely Allan Ohr. He has a very distinct style and more important the gift of transforming my chaotic ideas into feasible designs that work. A fruitful collaboration that shows in the prototype versions of "Movie Empire" and hopefully many more after that.

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